Traditional Five-Element Constitutional Acupuncture - Diane Lauer, L.Ac., M.Ac. (843) 685-7018
 Why Acupuncture?      

     The fact that you're looking at this website, probably indicates that you are interested in a different way of doing things...some new possibilities for yourself and your health.

     Acupuncture patients report:
     -  Getting sick less often
     -  Increased vitality and stamina
     -  Improved overall health
     -  Quicker recovery from illness or injury
     -  Feeling less stressed
     -  Having a more positive outlook

    Traditional Chinese Medicine looks at disease from a different perspective than conventional western medicine. This means that we can often make sense of illnesses that western medicine has difficulty treating.  Acupuncture/Oriental Medicine is currently the fastest growing healing modality in the country.

    Chinese medicine takes the whole person into consideration rather than just one isolated health issue.  When looked at together, the varied signs and symptoms that your body has been giving you reveal certain "patterns of disharmony" (underlying causes of disease).  Five element acupuncturists use these patterns along with a patient's elemental constitutional factor to create treatments.  Click the five element acupuncture tab above for more information about the five elements.

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