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 Five Element Acupuncture

The five elements are: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood
                                                                   Are you a hoarder or compulsively neat?
                                                                             Do you need to be needed?
                                                                   Are you the life of the party?
             What is your favorite color?
   Do you have trouble sitting still?
             What foods do you crave?
  What are your best hours of the day?
             Do you have anger issues?
  Do you have a keen sense of smell?
              Are you depressed?
  Which season is your favorite?
                                                                                       Does the wind bother you?
      The answers to these and thousands of other questions that seem equally unrelated give important information about your constitutional element.
Nature contains seasons and so do we.  Five-Element Acupuncture can help you learn about the personal, seasonal/elemental balance within yourself and the unique physical, emotional, and spiritual strengths and challenges that result.

       Why does stress give one person a rash, another a headache, and yet another
an upset stomach?  How is it that every cold you get goes right to your chest, while every germ your neighbor picks up seems to settle in his joints?

     Why does happiness seems so natural to some and elusive to others.  What make guilt the focus of one life and frustration a daily challenge in another.

      If we all begin with the "same" basic anatomical body, why are we so individually different?

       The following five element correspondences and synopses can help you explore your own energetic make up. The in and out of balance listings for each element are by no means meant to be an exhaustive list, merely some of the possibilities. 

The Fire Element

 Season:  summer                      The fire element offers the energy of
 Climate:  hot                           summer with its warmth and joy.  It
 Body part:  blood vessels       provides the comfort and safety to be
 Sense organ:  tongue             in healthy relationship with others.  It is
  Sense:  speech                      an energy of connection and laughter.
  Sound:  laughter                    The fire within allows us to               
  Fluid:  sweat                           celebrate life to its fullest.  Like the sun
  Taste:  bitter                            that rises each morning for the sheer
  Color:   red                              joy of it, so our fire rises with love 
 Meridians:  Heart                    within us.
                                                           Small Intestine
                                                           Triple Heater

                                         Common Physical Issues of the Fire Element Out of Balance:
                                                            o  Restlessness, insomnia
                                                            o  Dull thinking, absent minded
                                                            o  Palpitations
                                                            o  Arteriosclerosis, sluggish circulation
                                                            o  Spasms of the intestines                                                                               

                                         Common Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Issues of the
                                                            Fire Element out of Balance:
                                                           o  Inappropriate humor
                                                           o  Excessive laughter or lack of joy
                                                           o  Control issues
                                                           o  Difficulty with intimacy/relationship
                                        Fire Element In a Balance:
                                                          o  Charismatic
                                                           o  Agile mind, good conversationalist         
                                                           o  Intuitive
                                                           o  Successful people person
                                                           o  Delights in intimacy

The Earth Element

Season:  late summer               The earth element brings the
Color:  yellow                      gifts of sympathy and compassion.
Emotion:  worry                   It allows you to nurture and be                 
Climate:  damp                    nurtured.  This energy lets you 
Body part:  flesh                  realize the bounty in your life, watch
Sense:  taste                       as it ripens, and then appreciate the
Sense organ:  mouth           harvest at the appropriate                   
Sound:  sing                         time. Just as a beautiful, heavily laden tree
Fluid:  saliva                         has the ability to bless others with its        
Taste:  sweet                        abundance, so too can the            
                                     Meridians:   Stomach         blessed individual reach out into the
                                                          Spleen             world from a place of spiritually
                                                                                                                 abundant energy.

                                  Common Physical Issues of the Earth Element Out of Balance:
                                                         o  Diabetes
                                                         o  Obesity, tendency for cellulite
                                                         o  Candidiasis
                                                         o  Digestive problems
                                                         o  Craves sweets                                                     
                                                         o  Bruises easily varicose veins    
                                  Common Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Issues of the Earth
                                                       Element Out of Balance:                                                                 
                                                         o  Excessive worry
                                                         o  Tendency to smother, or reject sympathy completely
                                                         o  Whines, clinging
                                                         o  May overextend and/or meddle
                                    Earth Element in Balance:
                                                         o  Able to balance your own and others' needs
                                                         o  Is considerate and sympathetic
                                                         o  Seeks harmony


The Metal Element

Season:  fall                       The metal element                         
Color:  white                   offers the energy of the Autumn. 
Emotion:  grief                It is about the quest for what is                          
Climate:  dry                   pure and spiritual.  It imparts the                                 
                                       rhythm of breath into a complicated
Body part:  skin              world and allows for the relinquishment
Sense organ:  nose        of those things which no longer serve us.                                        This discerning energy defines how you
Sense:  smell                  assess the value of yourself and others         
Sound:   weep                 Like the sharp edge of a sword, the metal
Fluid:  mucus                  energy is very precise and even handed
                                      Taste:  spicy                    in its high expectations.
                                     Meridians:    Lung
                                                           Large Intestine
                             Common Physical Issues of the Metal Element Out of Balance:
                                                                  o  Vulnerability of the lungs and large intestine
                                                                  o  Colds, flus, bronchitis, sinus problems, and asthma
                                                                  o  Skin problems: acne, eczema, psoriasis, and
                                                                      dry skin.
                            Common Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Issues of the Metal
                                             Element out of balance:
                                                                  o  Excess or lack of grief
                                                                  o  Self-righteous, autocratic
                                                                  o  Difficulty letting go of things
                                                                  o  Feeling lonely / building walls around themselves
                                     Metal Element in Balance:
                                                                                          o  Hard workers who enjoy structure and authority
                                                                  o  Very self-disciplined, a self-motivator
                                                                  o  Honorable and well respected.


The Water Element
Season:  winter                   The water element within you is the energy of
Color:  blue                    winter.  It is the deepest source of your potential
Emotion:  fear               and provides the wisdom to use your resources
Climate:  cold                effectively. It is the source of your will to manifest
Body part:  bones          your destiny.  The water element within allows
Sense organ:  ears        you to be comfortable with deep silence, and
Sense:  hearing             provides the will and energy to move through
Sound:  groan               the impossible.  Water provides the cleverness
Fluid:  urine                   needed to adapt and survive.  It is a formidable
Taste:  salty                   force, just like the water that formed the Grand
                                    Meridians:  Bladder      Canyon inch by inch.
              Common Physical Issues of the Water Element Out of Balance:                                             
                                                                o  Edema
                                                                o  Bladder infections, incontinence, or retention of urine
                                                                o  Lower back pain, kidney stones                                          
                                                                o  Decreased libido
                                                                o  Bone loss, dental problems
                                                                o  Vulnerability of kidneys, adrenals, and bladder
                         Common Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Issues of the Water
                                                        Element Out of Balance:
                                                                 o  Fearful or totally fearless (adrenaline junkie)
                                                                 o  Timid and forgetful
                                                                 o  Feeling of isolation
                                  Water  Element in Balance:
                                                                 o  Alert and aware of risk
                                                                 o  Self-sufficient and introspective
                                                                 o  Ingenious, clever


 The Wood Element                                                 

Season:  spring                 The wood element is the energy                 
Color:  green                   of Spring.  It imparts vision that carries you
Emotion:  anger              forward with the perspective and ability for 
Body part: tendons         long range planning, and moves you towards
Sense organ:  eyes        the achievement of your goals.  The wood
Sense:  sight                  element within is a very powerful source for
Sound:  shout                 positive, creative, and forward movement
Fluid:  tears                    in your life.  Like the weed that pushes up
Climate:  windy               through a sea of concrete, the wood energy
Taste:  sour                     provides an unmatched ability to "spring
                                     Meridians:  Liver           forward" into your own personal vision for
                                                          Gallbladder    your life.

                            Common Physical Issues of the Wood Element out of Balance:
                                                         o  Allergies
                                                         o  Headaches, migraines
                                                         o  Hypertension, vertigo
                                                         o  PMS
                                                         o  Muscle spasms, tremors
                            Common Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Issues of the Wood
                                                Element out of Balance:
                                                        o  Anger, depression and frustration
                                                        o  Reckless and aggressive
                                                        o  Intolerant and impatient
                                                        o  Meek and indecisive
                                                        o  Dithering
                             Wood Element in Balance:
                                                         o  Seeks challenges
                                                         o  Confident and assertive
                                                         o  Ability to construct and execute a plan
                                                         o  Leadership qualities
                                                         o  Good organizational skills



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